Parents Handbook

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Welcome … To Almadina school

Dear Parents & Students…

Almadina Quran & Arabic School’s administration & staff would like to welcome you all to your school.

Enhancing our Muslim kids’ Arabic language skills, Quran memorization & Islamiat is our dearest dream & gate to success in this life & in the hereafter.

Through cooperation & positive involvement from the parents to encourage the students to follow the school rules & regulations which are made for their own good, making our dream come true will be even easier.

Thank you again for choosing us for your kids’ educational need.

We will do our best insha’ Allah to meet your expectations.

Almadina Administration

School Policies & Procedures.

Drop Off & Pickup Times:
  • Students drop off morning  session: (9:30 am-12:50 pm)
    Not earlier than 9:20 am & no later than 9:30 am
    *Arriving at 9:35 am or later is considered tardy.
  • Students drop off afternoon session: (1:10 pm-4:30)
    Not earlier than 1:00 pm no later than 1:10 pm.
    *Arriving at 1:15 pm or later is considered tardy.
  • Students pick up morning session:
    The parents should be at the school for pick up by 12:50 pm.
    $10 fee/ every 15 minutes will be applied after 1:15 pm.
  • Students pick up afternoon session :
    The parents  should be at the school for pick up by 4:30 pm.
    $10 fee/every 15 minutes will be applied after 4:40
Student Attendance:

The parents’ effort to get their kids to school on time every day is highly appreciated and recommended for  the benefits of the kids.

To make sure that all students get the most of the class certain rules must be followed:

  • In case of absence, it is the responsibility of the parents to notify the school and contact the teacher* to get a copy of the homework for that day.* Each teacher will send their contact information by email & in the student folder.
  • Seven unexcused absences per semester will result in a drop of a letter grade.
  • Sick students with high temperature and/or severe cough are not permitted in the school. Any student who attends in such condition will have their parents called to pick them up. Otherwise, the student will have to sit out of class for the rest of day.
  • Parents have to sign an early release form in case of early student dismissal.
Student Dress Code:
  • Students are expected to dress properly according to Islamic rules.
  • For boys: shorts above the knees and jewelry are prohibited during school time.
  • For girls: short skirts, skinny  jeans & makeup are prohibited during school time.
  • Only one notice will be given to any student who is not dressed according to the dress code. The second notice will lead to the student’s dismissal from school until proper clothing is worn.
  • The tuition is $60 for the first student per month & $50 (which includes lunch) for the second student, third student and so forth. There is also a $35 one time book fee.
  • Tuition is due on the first Saturday of each month.
  • $15  late fee for payments received after the 2nd Saturday of each month whether you have received a bill or not.
  • Tuition is due every month regardless of holidays or travel or any other event.
Student’s Behavior & Discipline Policy.
  • Discipline is training that develops self-control, character, orderliness & efficiency.
  • The first week of the school shall be considered a “trial period” during which time each student’s behavior will be monitored.
  • They will be expected to learn and begin following the class rules and regulations.
  • Morals and ethics are reinforced in our classrooms as well as in our discipline policy.
  • We believe that for the most part, disciplinary actions will not and should not have to be taken. The child usually becomes so engaged and intrigued by his work that he will not find the time or need to misbehave.

However, in consideration of the possibility that we may need to take some disciplinary action, we have categorized two levels of misbehavior, A & B, and coordinating disciplinary action to be taken as follows:


Parent-Principal/Teacher Communication.

  • Each student has a folder. This may include: your child’s work, letters from the teachers, and other correspondence regarding upcoming events. Please go through the folder with your child. It is a good way to keep in touch with what is happening in your child’s educational progress. The folder is to be returned the following Saturday, however, work, letters, etc. may be kept at home if specified.
  • Parents are welcome to observe activities at the school at any time but will need to go through the office first.
  • Any parent who wishes to discuss a child’s progress, should contact the teacher to schedule a conference. Drop off & pick up times of your child at school are not the appropriate time to discuss your child’s progress or paying tuition.

To ensure that everyone (students, parents, teachers, & administrators) who is in charge of the education process are on the same page we summarized each party’s responsibilities as follows:


Student’s Responsibilities
  • Attend classes each day on time.
  • Be properly dressed.
  • Exhibit a respectful attitude toward yourself, your environment, your peers and your elders.
  • Carry out your day in the best responsible manner as possible.
  • Be ready for your class by bringing all required or needed supplies & textbooks (reading & workbooks).
  • Obey all school rules & policies.


Parent’s Responsibilities
  • Teach your child to pay attention & obey the rules.
  • Be sure your child attends school regularly and promptly and explain absences to the administration.
  • Encourage & lead your child to develop proper study habits.
  • Participate in the principal-parent meeting which will be held every three months.
  • Participate in parent-teacher conferences to discuss your child’s progress.
  • Discuss assignments & report cards with your child.
  • Maintain current home, work & emergency telephone numbers & other pertinent information on file at the school.
  • Return a signed  statement indicating that they have read and understand all aspects of this booklet as given to you.
  • Cooperate with school administration & teachers.
  • Check your kids backpack every  school day before attending the school to make sure that they have their books & supplies with them.


Teacher’s Responsibilities
  • Use discipline management techniques according to the school discipline policy.
  • Be prepared to perform teaching duties with appropriate preparation, assignments resource materials.
  • Maintain orderly classroom atmosphere conductive to learning.
  • Establish an effective working relationship with parents, students & other staff members.
  • Teach students to strive toward self-discipline.
  • Encourage good personal & work habits to the students.
  • Serve as an appropriate role model for their students in accordance with the standards of the teaching profession.
  • Cooperate with parents & administration.


Administration’s Responsibilities
  • Respond to discipline problems referred to them by teachers.
  • Promote effective training & discipline of all students.
  • Encourage parents’ communication with school including parent-teacher conferences & parent-principal meetings.
  • Provide appropriate assistance to students in learning self-discipline .
  • Cooperate with teachers & parents

Students will only graduate once they pass the level they are in. Otherwise it is not necessary that a student will graduate on yearly basis. It is possible that it will take longer that one year to pass one level.